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I'm a wedding photographer who loves photographing weddings in Newport and Providence, Rhode Island and of course Boston, Massachusetts (home of the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Celtics).

I've been fortunate enough to watch my business grow beyond my wildest dreams since I first started working as a photographer in 2009. My life as a photographer began when I started work as a financial controller for a photography supply company. That led me meet some really amazing people and I fell deeply in love with photography. 

Experience has taught me that achieving beautiful images requires much more than a talented photographer. Part of the joy of photography for me is getting to know my clients so that they are completely comfortable with me. It helps me to create artful, soulful photographs that capture natural beauty and evoke real emotion. Creating memories that will last a lifetime is a great honor, and I'm grateful for the trust that clients have given me. My style is different from many of my contemporaries because I love to test the boundaries of gorgeous light and shadows with my work.

In the years that have followed, I've been lucky to train with some of the best photographers in the world. That makes me a better photographer.


My pricing for wedding coverage starts a $3,900 for 8-hours of coverage. If you're looking for other kinds of coverage or detailed pricing information, please contact me and I'll get right back to you.  

My Story

My dad named me Nelly because he thought the name was pretty and different. I was born and raised in Dartmouth, Massachusetts by my hard working parents who are Portuguese immigrants. I love my heritage and celebrating it and my mom still calls me every day and asks me what I'd like to eat today, because that's just what Portuguese moms do for their children!

I'm the proud mother of two tween boys who I adore, and I share a home with Chris, my one true love and my best friend. And with us is his amazing daughter--the prettiest little girl in Bristol County.

And here are a few fun facts about me that might help you better understand who you're hiring:

  • I don't mind cooking but hate cleaning up. Eating out or taking out wins often.
  • Everyone laughs but I swear diet Canada Dry is my fix for every stomach ailment.
  • I love my morning coffee, pretty journals/diaries, and cozy blankets.
  • You might sometimes see me in 4" heels and leather pants drinking a Captain and Coke, but I also love my cowboy boots.
  • I subscribe to 10 fashion magazines that I promise to read someday. 
  • Music by Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli calm my soul, but I also have a pretty awesome dance/EDM playlist. 
  • My ideal vacation is walking through the narrow streets of Europe, shopping for clothes, and people watching while drinking a cappuccino, but I would never say no to 4 days on a white sandy beach listening to the ocean.
  • I'm an absolute sensitive "sap". I cry often, mostly when I see others cry.
  • I believe in true love, great big bear hugs, sweet kisses and breathless moments.

Kind Words

Michelle & Zack

Where do I begin.. I first was introduced to Nelly's work from a friend of mine and I instantly fell in love. I was then in my friends wedding and got to see Nelly first hand and got to experience her true love for what she does. I knew after that when I was going to have my big day Nelly was going to be the one to capture my special day. When my husband and I sat with Nelly she was so sweet, wanted to hear our story and wanted to get to know us. Felt like we were sitting with our friend that we knew for years. After that meeting she was the one!!

Next up our engagement session. We were reluctant to have one but Nelly suggested that its a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera. She was right!!! She made us feel so comfortable and effortless!

Wedding day!! with all the stress and running around here comes Nelly walking in like a ray of light. Capturing every moment of your day is so important and she does it just right. We had a crazy large wedding party and knew exactly how to handle them. Nelly is amazing and a must!!!

Catrina & Greg

Where to begin with Nelly!! She is an amazing photographer and is truly talented at what she does. I have seen Nelly's work through many friends and family who have either used her for family photos, weddings, and boudoir shoots. Her work is phenomenal and she has that "eye" to capture such wonderful images! I knew from the moment I began planning my wedding that I wanted Nelly to be MY photographer. My husband and I are not photogenic people and usually dislike taking photo's, however Nelly managed to change that. We opened up to her and allowed her to capture pictures that I will treasure forever.

Carrie & Clayton

Where do I even begin??! I started following Nelly's work early on and saw her blossom over the years. Her photography is like artwork. It's something that you could literally sit down and gaze over for hours. I knew from day 1 that whenever I decided to get married, I would have her photograph my big day. I'll never forget meeting her for the first time with my now husband. She was so eager to learn about our story and what our wishes were in having her as a photographer. Even though we are both incredibly camera shy, she made us so extremely comfortable in front of her lens. Nelly is very easy going, quirky and fun to work with. Most people dread picture taking (especially guys!) but this is not a concern if you are working with Nelly. She brings fun to the experience and will be sure to make you laugh while snapping beautiful pictures of you and your friends/family. One other thing I loved about working with Nelly is that she was not only there to be my photographer on my big day. She was there as a friend and made this very clear right from the beginning. On my wedding day after hours of dancing in very big shoes, she whipped out a needle/thread kit to sew my dress up higher so that I could dance in flip flops! I thought to myself, "Are you kidding me?! I love this woman!" Lol she is always prepared for any scenario. Nelly is literally the whole package PLUS more. If you want to have an incredible worry free day filled with smiles, beautiful photography, and much more you MUST book Nelly as your photographer/wedding superwoman! She will not upset.

Ellie & Eric

Bride & Groom formals at Ochre CourtI had the pleasure of working with Nelly for our Engagement shoot, our Wedding photos and I did a boudoir shoot with her as a gift for my husband. I love all the photos from each shoot – not only are they gorgeous quality photos but they are all so unique and creative. My mom loved our engagement photos so much she wanted to use them on every invitation to every party possible – bridal shower, save the date, wedding invite, thank you notes… the list goes on. I loved working with Nelly for the Engagement shoot because my husband and I were able to get comfortable with her and know what to expect for our wedding day. She was great at directing us to get the shot she needed. Next came the boudoir shoot, which I was so nervous for! Nelly's studio space was beautiful and private, and she was a complete professional – 5 minutes in I was warmed up and so comfortable I was completely over the skivvies part! The photos were sexy, classy and timeless, my husband definitely approved (and all my friends). Last and most important came the big day. I was most worried about schedule and staying on time so Nelly and I worked out the locations and timeline beforehand. She recommended we book a specific location in case of rain and I am so glad we took her suggestion because the photos she took there were just EPIC, I don't know how else to describe them. Everyone in the wedding party was really impressed with how Nelly directed the day – it was a big party with a couple little kids and she was able to get everyone where they needed to be for each shot. We have so many gorgeous photos from throughout the day – the first look, all the group photos, the ceremony and the reception that I am having the hardest time deciding what photos to use for my book. Overall I would recommend Nelly to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. She hit on all my must-haves and more: Gorgeous creative product, professional, made everyone comfortable, on schedule and on-time, organized, and on and on. Thanks Nelly!

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